Coding is incredibly fun.

So you want to code, eh?

For people who love to tinker with technology, few careers can be as fun as coding. It's as if you get paid to play most of the day...and the pay is great.

Where do I begin?

  • First, you need a computer
    A Mac is most common, but Windows or even Linux is fine. (Chromebooks work, but it will be a lot harder to setup your computer for coding)
  • You need a fun attitude and some spare time
    Don't learn if you aren't ready to have fun learning. There will be times you feel intimidated. It will quickly go away as new and unfamiliar concepts quickly make sense. Don't try to rush too fast or when you hit this intimidation, you'll bail out.
  • You need a great source for learning
    We've got that one covered!
    Good tutorials should fast-track you to building something real so you can feel successful. And then, along the way, it should slowly fill in all the tiny, nice-to-have details that give you a well-rounded skillset that it takes to get a job.

Time to start!

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